Jayvardhan Trivedi

Jayvardhan Trivedi

Solution Architect
& Software Consultant

Jayvardhan Trivedi

Solution Architect & Software Consultant



I'm a software engineer, with 12+ years of hands on experience, who can build system from the ground up. Proven ability to lead and deliver complex software projects on time as I've worked at both products and service based companies. Expert in designing & articulating the solution.



  • Primary

    Solution & Technical Architect

    C#/DOT NET


    AWS/SQS/API Gateway



    MS-SQL Server/MYSQL/DynamoDB


    .NET Technologies

    JS, AJAX, jQuery

  • Secondary

    Server Management

    Dev Ops


    Web Hosting

    Web Security & SSL

    Self Hosting



  • DevOps & Monitoring



    Container Orchestration/KubeCtl



    Serverless Micro-Services (Azure Functions, AWS Lambda)

    Prometheus, Grafana

    Azure & AWS

    LLM (Ollama)

  • CI/CD


    Azure CI/CD Pipelines


Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Technical Architect , Gantner GmbH- A Salto Company

    Aug, 2023 - Jun, 2024 11 months

    Gantner is Europe's market leader in providing locker based solutions. It provides electronic door lock systems, lockers, and different ticketing solutions. I have closely worked with Ganter as a Technical Architect for the ticketing solution - Enviso.

    My responsibility includes conceptualizing and designing sustainable, scalable solutions to enhance the existing system based on requirements from product owners. Led the development team to implement these solutions, ensuring added value and improved system performance.

    The ticketing solution Enviso is by far being used by many known EU attractions like musiums, parks and zoo. Being an architect, it was my responsibility to handle the complex requirement and design a proper solution with POCs if applicable.

    • .NET 6, WebAPI, MicroService Architecture

    • MySQL, DynamoDB

    • AWS/EKS/SQS/Lambda/API Gateway/Parameter Store

    • DDD & TDD with TBD (Trunk based development)

    • Jenkins as CI/CD, Automated Tests, LocalStack

  • Principal Project Lead , Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd

    Sept, 2022 - Aug, 2023 11 months

    Positiwise Software is providing an IT services in web security field, providing SSL & PKI solutions.

    Since the inception of the company, I have been a member of core development team. Along with other developers, I have build up the whole ecom system from ground up i.e from requirement gathering to deployment part. Currently, I am leading the development of all .NET related work with Product Development & Research & Analysis on core technologies.

    • .NET 6

    • MS-SQL Server

    • .NET Web-API

    • Vendor API & Payment Integration

  • Principal Software Engineer, The SSL Store™ (A subsidiary of DigiCert, Inc)

    Oct, 2017 - Sept, 20224 year 11 months

    TheSSLStore - Rapid Web Services is a global leader in SSL Market. The SSL Store™ is one of the largest Platinum Partners of the world's leading Certification Authorities (CAs), including Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL, Certum and Comodo. They basically sells SSL Certificates.

    I worked as a software engineer for around 5 years. I am responsible for some of the core work flows which are an essential part of the whole eco system of SSL Store. I have implemented very large and complex vendor products/systems into existing store fronts. The eco system is build mainly with .NET framework, a little bit PHP, selenium, a bunch of schedulers and vast admin portal for ecom analytics.

    • ASP.NET, MVC, Rest-API

    • MS-SQL Server

    • Selenium for task automation

  • System Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services - TCS

    Jan, 2012 - Sep, 20142 years 9 months

    TCS is a global leader when it comes to software servicing.

    I have worked in four different projects as a developer under Media Domain. Those are varying from Learning Management, Advertising and various tracking systems.

    Oxford University Press (OUP) LMS Development-a portal application designed in MVC4 with Razor UI Engine.

    PARAMOUNT PICTURES Inc. -Paramount Pictures, Studio Time & Attendance Tracking System: The project involves the analysis, design and development and implementation of a portal for a Time card entry and payroll management of all employees working in studio of Paramount pictures.

    Aegis Media Spend Scenario Planner (SSP) -A Silverlight based application which helps the planner to collect customer data from various geographies, create the end to end advertising campaign, allocate budget to different cities/brands/ media, to collect the various historical and third party data.

    Project Orion, Lion Re:Sources, Inc. Publicis Groupe Inc. - This project is basically a WCF based application and using that service to authorize and authenticate the various different application which lies under the Project Orion.

    • ASP.NET, MVC, Razor Pages

    • Silverlight & MVVM Framework

    • WCF

    • AJAX



  • Masters of Engineering in Information Technology, Gujarat Technological University

    Aug, 2014 - Apr, 2016

  • Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology, BVM, Sardar Patel University, VallabhVidhya Nagar

    Jun, 2007 - Apr, 2011



  • Best Team , TCS

    Awarded on: Jan 2013

  • On The Spot , TCS

    Awarded on: Feb 2014, Mar 2014, Aug 2014.



  • Hybrid Transformations To Improve Various Metrics In Software Obfuscation At Source Level   at IJRDT

    Published on: Apr, 2016



  • Self Hosting

    Local LLMs (Ollama, Stable Diffusion)



    Open Source Hobby Projects


Currently Learning

Currently Learning

  • Technical Skills


    MAUI & Blazor, ASPire

    LoRA/ML Model Training

    Neural Networks

  • Other Skills

    Solution Architect

    Project Management

    Etymology & History